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by | Nov 9, 2017 | Food Waste

12 Tried and True Tips for Reducing Food Waste

If you’ve been to San Francisco, you may have visited the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.

Its an icon here in our city, jam packed with the freshest local and seasonal produce imaginable. There are also stalls with delicious local artisan producers like Batter Bakery and Nana Joe’s Granola. CUESA (Center for Urban Education and Sustainable Agriculture) in the non-profit behind the market, allowing it to run and thrive each week. I first became involved with CUESA in 2005 when I was in culinary school. My friend and classmate took a job there and promptly started recruiting us to volunteer. CUESA puts on a plethora of events and activities year round to raise money for the market. As my catering and meal delivery business grew, I was able to volunteer my time and cooking skills at a few of their cocktail parties and was invited to do a few Saturday Market cooking demos.

As their name conveys, CUESA has a focus on education.

In a recently published article on their blog, various authors and organization walk us through 12 great tips to reduce household food waste.

A statistic that’s near and dear to my mission stands out: 28% of all fruit and vegetable loss comes from within our homes!

There is certainly a substantial amount of waste happening all along the food supply chain – beginning on farms, to processing, transport, in grocery stores, at restaurants – but a significant portion happens once we spend money of food and bring it home. This is why I love championing changing our habits regarding Household Food Waste. Its relatively easy to fix this huge percent of waste. We don’t need legislation, lobbyists, the president, or permission. Just follow some or all of these 12 rules. AND lucky for you, the most challenging one, Meal Planning and purchasing with intention, has been done for you if you follow along on my weekly meal plans.

The Steps

  1. Buy Ugly Produce
  2. Eat your Leftovers
  3. Follow Recipes for food that’s “going bad” ex pickles, avocado mousse, banana bread
  4. Eat older food first (FIFO – first in, first out)
  5. Leverage your freezer
  6. Veggie Tops (the Ends and Stems!) are vegetables too!
  7. Be Lazy! Don’t peel carrots, potatoes, or chop off unnecessary ends of veggies
  8. Meal Plan and shop wisely for only what you need
  9. Store ingredients properly
  10. Use your fridge’s microclimates
  11. Sell by, Use by, and expiration dates are flawed – use your nose and sense
  12. Share the Bounty with friends and neighbors

Content Shared with Permission of CUESA’s Director Of Education

CUESA’s Original Post is HERE


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