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How Our Meal Plans Work

83% of people say

Deciding what to cook is stressful.

Our weekly meal plans and grocery list generator will help save you time + reduce food waste effortlessly.

With Kid Friendly photos and instructions, you can stop cooking separate meals for little diners.

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Ends + Stems Meal Plans

How It Works:

Number 1

Check your dashboard every Friday for the week’s new meal plan.

Ends + Stems Meal Plan
Number 2

Grab your Grocery List and shop at your favorite stores or online.

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Number 3

Enjoy do-able weeknight meals + relish your financial and environmental impact.

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Ends + Stems Family Meal Plans

Try Our Meal Planning Today

It's easy to cancel anytime.

Thousands of busy people and families LOVE Ends+Stems. Whether you cook our entire suggested weekly meal plan, or mix and match to make your perfect line up - we have options to reduce your mental load.
Since Covid, people are cooking more than ever at home but want FAST, EASY meals that are healthful and taste great. Our recipes are mostly quite fast but also might inspire you to try something new!

"Ends+Stems is the missing ingredient in my life!"  

Susanna S. / San Francisco

"Looking forward to saving money, eating better and wasting less. I just asked the universe for such a service, so happy you exist! Check dinner planning off my goals for the year!"  

Alexa J. / Boston

I love this service. It's helped me cook at home so much more. 

Julie B. / Chicago

I'm always so excited to find out what I’m cooking next week. The food has been healthy, delicious, and always easy. Tonight we had the vermicelli bowl and even the kids are wolfing it down!

Angela T. / Los Angeles

Having a chef decide recipes for us and creating our grocery list with one click makes me excited to do the shopping, see how little I can spend, and easily feed my family. I am doing more cooking, but feeling so much less stress.

Kate L. / Orinda

I have cooked every supper for my wife and I since I started with Ends and Stems. You have changed my behavior and are making me more comfortable in the kitchen and I am loving it.

Tom / Portland

Ends + Stems Meal Plans

Membership Features:

Recipes Icon

Easy to make recipes

Recipes, written by accomplished Chef Alison, that are family friendly and easy to make on a busy weeknight.

Ends + Stems Meal Plans

Meal plans that reduce food waste

Weekly meal  plans dovetail ingredients so you use up all of the perishables you buy for reduced food waste.

Dietary Preferences

Dietary preferences & substitutions

Choose your preferred diet: Omnivore or Vegetarian. Within each plan and recipe there are simple and clear substitutions for Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No Red Meat, Paleo, Vegan, and more.


Grocery list

You can generate a grocery list for your weekly meal plan. It's easy to cross off items you already have, plus you can add your household staples to the list!

lunch box2

Kid Friendly Tweaks

Families have spoken - they're tired of having to cook 2 different meals for "choosy" or learning eaters. We're the ONLY meal plan service that gives step-by-step instructions and photos, to accommodate everyone at your table.

Prep Ahead

Prep ahead

Professional chefs always get a head start. Chef Alison shares industry knowledge on each recipe by pulling out the steps you can do in advance so on a busy night, things come together quickly.

Ingredient Index

Ingredients Index

Our comprehensive index is unlike anything else online! There’s an entry for each ingredient used in our recipes listing common substitutions, what to look for when buying, how to store correctly for longer shelf life, and ways to use something up before it goes bad.

Ends + Stems icon

Favorites & Archives

As an Ends + Stems member, you'll have access to every weekly meal plan published. You'll also be able to "favorite" your recipes so you can access them easily.


See your impact!

See how much food and money you've saved by cooking from the meal plans -- measured in pizza slices, of course!

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