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Meal Planning To Save Time + Reduce Food Waste Each week, we plan 3 new meals for you, that fit together like a puzzle. You’ll buy less + effortlessly use everything up.

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Rice + Beans, Repeat

There's a reason rice and beans go together. The amino acids in each complete either other to be a complete protein! You don't need meat to have protein or a full meal. Consider soaking dried beans and making them from scratch now that you might have a little more time on your hands. Log in for recipes or find us on facebook!

Meal Plans

save time + reduce food waste

How It Works

"Ends+Stems is the missing ingredient in my life!"  

Susanna S. / San Francisco

"Looking forward to saving money, eating better and wasting less. I just asked the universe for such a service, so happy you exist! Check dinner planning off my goals for the year!"  

Alexa J. / Boston

I love this service. It's helped me cook at home so much more. 

Julie B. / Chicago

I'm always so excited to find out what I’m cooking next week. The food has been healthy, delicious, and always easy. Tonight we had the vermicelli bowl and even the kids are wolfing it down!

Angela T. / Los Angeles

Having a chef decide recipes for us and creating our grocery list with one click makes me excited to do the shopping, see how little I can spend, and easily feed my family. I am doing more cooking, but feeling so much less stress.

Kate L. / Orinda

I have cooked every supper for my wife and I since I started with Ends and Stems. You have changed my behavior and are making me more comfortable in the kitchen and I am loving it.

Tom / Portland

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