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Corporate Packages

Ends + Stems Corporate Packages

COVID has caused a collision of the home + workplace

People are struggling to keep it together. 2.65 Million women have left the workforce since February 2020 (source Mother Honestly). Employees are feeling isolated and crave useful ways to connect.

Improve your employee retention during this pandemic and beyond with Ends + Stems corporate cooking classes.

Work & Home Collide
Cooking Classes + Web App


Ends + Stems Corporate Cooking Classes

We partner with innovative companies to provide team building cooking classes, informational Lunch+Learns, and employee memberships to our meal planning + recipe management app.

With Ends+Stems you get a series of trusted classes without having to constantly vet new vendors, and employees who are unable to attend another zoom class still benefit by having 24/7 access to class replays and the meal planning, grocery shopping, + food waste reducing web-app.

Who We've Worked With:


Customizable Classes

Classes are Completely Customizable but past classes and ideas include:
  • Okonomiyaki - Japanese Pancake "Any way you like it"
  • Egg Benedict and Breakfast Potatoes
  • All Ages Classes - Stir Fry with Mason Jar Sauce
  • Valentine's Day
  • Cooking with Less Food Waste 101

Lunch & Learns

20-60 minute webinars and Q/A - no cook at home participation
  • How to Meal Plan and Grocery Shop Faster
  • Meal Prep for Easier Weeknight Meals
  • Leveraging Your Freezer
  • Quick Pickling
  • Earth Day - Why Food Waste Matters
  • Earth Day - Eat Less Meat without Being Vegetarian
Participants receive recipe packets, ingredient and equipment lists.
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"Alison was great!!! In my attempt to cook 3 dishes, I thought I would be stressing myself out (haha) but it was so fun and I learned so much. Loved doing something else with my hands (vs. typing!). Thanks so much Alison :)"

"This was a fantastic course! I didn't cook along during the presentation, but I enjoyed watching and a few hours later after my calls wrapped up I was cooking. Despite being a very low skilled chef I was able to make these recipes for my anniversary dinner that night and they were delicious!!"

"This was such an amazing experience! Everything tasted amazing and Alison was authentic and fun!"

Help your employees thrive.

Food-based benefits + Eco Initiatives Increase



Calculate and show off your collective environmental impact weekly! To date we've saved the equivalent of

6,470,204 slices of pizza

from becoming green house gasses!


ends + stems can save your employees time (shopping, planning, cooking)

60-90 minutes per week

Alison Mountford - NASDAQ

What We’re Made Of

Founder + Chef, Alison Mountford

  • NYU + Le Cordon Bleu alum

  • Cooked for Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Corey Booker, Marc Benioff, and more

  • Hosted Cooking Demos with Celebrity Chefs like Dominique Crenn, Top Chef winners + dozens more

  • Clients have included Twitter, Salesforce, Google, Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Acme Capital, IDEO, Kaiser, UCSF

Monthly Cooking Classes

Check out our latest cooking classes for individuals and learn more about the many benefits of joining Ends + Stems.