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So many folks have written or commented to say that they want to waste less food, but feeding kids and families is hard because of a lack or time or picky eating, or dietary restrictions, etc.

Click below to watch Chef Alison's Webinar - 4 Steps to Banish Stress in your Home Kitchen. This is a great place to get started!

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Our Facebook group supports YOU! It’s a comfortable place to get answers to your most pressing culinary questions and to share your kitchen stresses. Chef Alison will share exclusive content, chef tips, food waste, storage strategies, and more. Join our group to get all your questions answered, learn something new, and to connect with a group of people that are reducing their dinnertime stress and saving the planet by meal planning!

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Our Facebook page is informational about E+S. Hit like and share the love. It supports us and we appreciate it.

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