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There are multiple ways to be part of the Ends+Stems community!

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You can subscribe monthly or annually to our Meal Planning Service which gives you full access to every plan, recipe, search function, ingredient index, personal impact reports, and more.

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Not sure about the full service just yet? We get it, life is busy, and our time and wallets are pulled in too many directions. If Ends+Stems meal plans aren’t the right solution for you at this time, you can still reduce your household food waste as part of our community! Get on our mailing list for a once monthly note with food waste tips, exclusive recipes, access to our partnerships, and E+S updates and events.


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Our Facebook group supports YOU! It’s a comfortable place to get answers to your most pressing culinary questions and to share your kitchen stresses. Chef Alison will share exclusive content, chef tips, food waste, storage strategies, and more. Join our group to get all your questions answered, learn something new, and to connect with a group of people that are reducing their dinnertime stress and saving the planet by meal planning!

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Our Facebook page is informational about E+S. Hit like and share the love. It supports us and we appreciate it.

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The Great Food Waste Challenge

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The Great Food Waste Challenge is a free, online pledge to reduce consumer food waste across the world! Sign up and receive a monthly email that covers a different topic in food waste with step-by-step instructions. The GFWC has a separate Facebook group for you to delve into questions and solutions with your virtual neighbors. The Challenge is for people like you - interested in zero food waste on all levels from beginner to seasoned. Reducing food waste is not a zero-sum effort, so get on in here and say Hi!