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4 Steps to Banish Stress from Family Meals: Free Webinar

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Chef Alison is a trained chef & full-time mom devoted to helping busy families get dinner on the table with
less stress & less waste.

Stress Less Meals requires conquering four areas:

    1. Meal plan (the right way)
    2. Address your child’s eating habits
    3. Stop wasting time, energy, food, & money
    4. Unlock hidden time to keep it all going

We'll cover 13 ideas across each category in this free webinar. There multiple ways you can start to banish stress from feeding your family today!

This webinar is for you if… 

🍝 You let out a groan when anyone asks “hey, what’s for dinner tonight?”

🧁 Your kids are picky eaters & it’s making dinnertime more complicated

🥦 Dinner is simply out of control or just not enjoyable 

🍔 Meal planning sounds overwhelming 

🍓 You dream of quality family time & want less stress around meals  

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"It is so fascinating to hear from a REAL CHEF and a REAL MOM too - such a cool combo that is part of what makes this masterclass so unique!"

- Jeff M.

"Alison's strategies are working, it's changed everything for us and for the first time ever, it's easy to stick with it!"

-Sophia A.

"Alison is entertaining! I've taken other online courses have been rather dull. I highly recommend you take this course - you'll learn & laugh with Alison!"

-Anna F.

Hope you join us!

Register to watch here:

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