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Enjoy Easier Mealtimes:

The 4 Step Framework to Reduce Stress At Your Table

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Feeding families is hard & exhausting. There are 4 Steps to reducing the near constant burden of thinking about dinner:

    1. What's for Dinner? Let's decide the easy & useful way
    2. Address eating preferences & habits
    3. Unlock time to make it all happen with more ease
    4. Wasted food, & money =  wasted time & energy


  • In control of your time
  • Supported, not doing it all alone
  • Confident that your picky eaters are ok
  • At ease, not having to think about the next meal

We'll also cover the top 3 meal planning mistakes that derail even the best of intentions! Learn how to avoid them and write down actually useful meal plans.

This webinar is for you if… 

🍝 You let out a groan when anyone asks “hey, what’s for dinner tonight?”

🧁 Your kids are picky eaters & it’s making dinnertime more complicated

🥦 Dinner is simply out of control or just not enjoyable 

🍔 Meal planning sounds overwhelming 

🍓 You dream of quality family time & want less stress around meals  

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"It is so fascinating to hear from a REAL CHEF and a REAL MOM too - such a cool combo that is part of what makes this masterclass so unique!"

- Jeff M.

"Alison's strategies are working, it's changed everything for us and for the first time ever, it's easy to stick with it!"

-Sophia A.

"Alison is entertaining! I've taken other online courses have been rather dull. I highly recommend you take this course - you'll learn & laugh with Alison!"

-Anna F.

Hope you join us!

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Chef Alison is a trained chef & full-time mom devoted to helping busy families get dinner on the table with less stress & less waste. She's the founder of Ends+Stems meal planning app, the Stress Less Family Meals Course and has cooked for thousands of busy families (and the vice president and celebrities too!)