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November Roundup

November 1, 2022
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Why we love it: This November we’re sharing some of our Ends + Stems fall favorites, to prepare you and your loved ones for the holidays!

First is this mouth-watering Hot Turkey + Cranberry Sandwich 

Who doesn’t crave a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich? I’ve got you covered with this open face sandwich. The bechamel elevates it from just a boring sandwich and using thick sliced deli turkey means this entire dish is super simple to pull off. I’m grateful for homemade cranberry sauce.

This Turkey, Bean Chili + Biscuits is to die for!

When I was a personal chef this simple and addicting chili was on heavy rotation for the “Freezer meal” for my clients. It’s packed full of veggies but also is conveniently made with canned beans and tomatoes. Double the recipe and freeze some for later!

A Quick and easy Spinach + Cheese Baked Spaghetti Squash 

Fast recipes almost always either take a long time to cook but require little prep OR require tons of chopping and are very simple. This one is definitely the former. It’s seriously so easy to toss together but it needs time in the oven. You can prep these a day ahead and just bake off the next night too, which makes life super simple.

How about this Roast Chicken + Porcini Mushroom Butter, Roasted Carrots, + Farro

If you don’t plan on making the risotto this week, you can use ALL of the butter on the chicken rather than reserving a teaspoon of it as directed. If you get carrots that have greens attached, use ½ of those finely chopped in place of parsley.

Or this tasty Maple Dijon Acorn Squash + Apples and Chard

Maple, apples, and squash is a combination that truly means early Fall in my kitchen! This meal is fancy enough for guests but simple enough to pull off on a weeknight. It’s sure to say It’s Back to School, leaf peeping time, and planning Halloween costumes while you’re enjoying the flavor combination. *This dish is longer than our usual in the oven but short on active time, so plan accordingly!

Last but not least this: Roast Winter Squash + Kale Pipian

Pipian is one of the dozens of types of mole sauces. It’s typically not made with kale, but this is a fun way to season the kale and incorporate a leafy green as the sauce rather than a side dish. If you can’t find fresh or canned tomatillos, it’s common to find “salsa verde” which will be made with tomatillos.


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