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August Roundup – Pool Day Essentials

August 1, 2022
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Why we love it: We all need our pool/beach days in the heat of August. Whether it be you and friends, or you and your little ones, here are 5 Ends + Stems classics essential for your next pool day.

First is this Hippie Dippie California Sandwich

This sandwich is almost a caricature of Summer Of Love, picnics in Berkeley, sprouts on everything, etc., but you know what? It’s also really good and refreshing and certainly a great way to enjoy those farmer’s market greens. You’ll even start by making quick pickles, our favorite way to use old random veggies in the crisper. Consider doubling this portion and enjoying the pickles for up to a month!

This Cheese Steak is to die for!

This is indulgent, delicious, fun, and easy. If your crowd eats beef and enjoys sandwiches, look no further. Don’t bail if you don’t though – check substitutions for great ideas!

A Quick and easy Ultimate Tomato Sandwich

This is a perfect summer tomato sandwich, especially for anyone who doesn’t eat bacon. Add avocado if you like, but if the tomatoes are in season and maybe even garden grown, you might not even need it.

How about this Chicken Burger on a Pretzel Bun

There are two types of people in this world: Sandwich People and Not-Sandwich People. I’m a committed between-layers-of-bread-person and this is a perfect meal in my book. If you are not, I’m still thinking about you! Check out the substitutions list for completing this meal without a pretzel bun

Or this tasty Coconut Shrimp Po’boy

This is a delicious sandwich that could have about 15 steps added to the process if we wanted to complicate things; but I’m quite happy with this low maintenance version and delicious flavor combination. The addition of apricot jam in the sauce might seem strange, but it’s a perfect sweet and fruity counterpoint to the astringent Dijon and briny shrimp.

Let Your Friends Try This Recipe!