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December Roundup

December 1, 2022
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Why we love it: The holidays are quickly approaching and 2022 is finally coming to an end. There is no better way to celebrate the holidays and New Years than with these Ends + Stems jolly good meals!

First is this MOUTH-WATERING Shaking Beef

Made famous by Charles Phan at The Slanted Door in San Francisco, this dish is a little decadent, but we don’t recommend skimping on butter. We’ve simplified it down a bit for a reasonable weeknight meal. The key to color is caramelization over high heat. You’ll sizzle and smoke and get flavor in that sear. If you eat beef once this year- make it this dish. Swoon.

This Mushroom Stroganoff + Egg Noodles is incredible!

This dish is somewhat retro but comforting and truly delicious. You can use any type of broth or stock that you like so it’s easy to make it vegetarian or add another layer of flavor with chicken or beef broth. Everything comes together really quickly and easily, scoring another point for cooking this meal!

A must try, Pappa al Pomodoro

This is one of the very few recipes we’d consider buying tomatoes out of season for because of the way they cook down to the correct texture for this soup. You can use canned tomatoes but it might be too watery if you aren’t careful. This is a classic, ages old Italian “use up your stale bread” recipe and it’s stood the test of time for a reason!

You can’t say no to this Yogurt Chicken + Garbanzo Salad

The marinade and sauce are made at the same time so you’re really leveraging your efforts with this recipe! The chicken takes a while in the oven but prep time here is super simple which seems like a great trade off. If you can let the chicken marinate overnight it will be really tender and flavorful from the yogurt.

Or this tasty Winter Pizza with Greens + Potato

We could never tire of pizza but it’s fun to switch it up! Thinly sliced potatoes, smoked mozzarella, and bitter broccoli rabe make a perfect wintery combo that seems fancy but isn’t any more challenging to make than pepperoni.

Last but not least this: Miso Salmon with Rice + Asparagus

Miso glaze sounds fancy and is so delicious that it feels like it should be illegal how easy it is. We really like mild, sweet, yellow miso but any color will work in this application. It lasts in the fridge for months if not a year and this glaze also works on vegetables, tofu, and meat if you prefer. Check out our miso soup recipe for another application!


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