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5 Non-Holiday Dinner Ideas

November 19, 2021
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5 Non-Holiday Dinner Ideas 

Thanksgiving dinner might be the most famous meal in winter and the December holidays tend to take up space in our minds, but you DO have to eat plenty of other meals too! Here are 5 Non-Holiday Dinner Ideas.


Restaurant Style Steak Fajitas

Recreate the moment when fajitas come steaming out of the kitchen on a hot sizzling platter and cause a delicious smelling scene throughout the restaurant in the comfort of your own home. If you have a cast iron skillet, you can heat it up in the oven until it’s scorching hot and then add the peppers to it for effect, but even minus the sizzle, the taste is here.

Next up, try this..

Chinese Style Tofu + Peas with Noodles

Holiday cooking can leave a lot of leftover vegetables. This recipe is easy, tasty, colorful, and fast. The sauce is made with pantry items so you’re always 15 minutes away from this meal. Use up what you have in your fridge drawers to customize with additional vegetables. I also love this meal for lunch, it feels filling and interesting but doesn’t weigh you down. It’s great hot or served cold. This  recipe is very versatile, you can spin it anyway to make it cater to your own taste bud


Keep warm with this White Beans with Greens + Sausage

Cold weather and warm meals are an inseparable pair. If you are bored of soups and want something warm, tasty and delicious, try this White Bean with greens + sausage recipe! If you have a pretty cast-iron pan or Dutch oven, break it out for this meal and serve it from the center of the table. We love a smashed white bean for a rich and hearty dinner but also for a winter brunch.


Bored of your typical chicken recipes? Try this Balsamic Butter Chicken

Put this recipe literally, or proverbially, in your back pocket. It’s so easy, with so few ingredients, but delivers such a big return in tastiness. Brussels sprouts are the best during these colder months. This recipe is a great way to turn anybody into a fan of Brussels sprouts, and is a new way to spice up chicken!

A fun twist on a classic, try a Black Bean Burger!

Feel free to get creative with this recipe – you can mash the beans smoothly or keep them quite chunky. You can also add grated veggies to help hold it together, add moisture, color, and flavor. We’ve kept it simple as a base recipe, but some favorite stir in are carrot, raw beet, zucchini, onion, pepper, and even corn or frozen spinach. This recipe is a great break in between those holiday dinners, and holds a lot of room for your own creativity!



Alison Mountford is the Founder and CEO of Ends+Stems, a meal planning service designed to reduce household food waste and stop the effects of climate change. Alison has been named a Rubicon Waste Fit Champion, was a finalist for the Spoon Tech Startup Showcase, and has appeared on many podcasts and radio shows, and works as a food waste consultant.

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