2018 Food Waste Resolutions

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Food Waste, Kitchen Skills

3 Reasons Why You Should Try These 8 Simple Ways To Reduce Food Waste

ONE: Save Money. The average family of four puts $2000 of edible food directly in the trash can annually.
TWO: Save Time. Shopping from a grocery list prepared in advance means you don’t have to stroll all of the aisles. Get in and out.
THREE: Defy Trump – lets actually make America great. America is the only country in the world not participating in the Paris Climate Accord (literally, The. Only. One.)


U.S. Is the Odd Country Out of the Paris Agreement

The US is officially the last country to remain outside the Paris Climate Agreement: http://bit.ly/2zpR7ao

Posted by VICE on Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Number 8: Start with a Smaller Portion and Follow Through on Eating Leftovers! Its common in America to pile our plates way to high and toss the rest. Leftovers are much more appealing if no one has pushed them around with a dirty fork first. You can eat as much as you like, but opt for seconds and thirds to fill up rather than starting with a huge plate. Save leftovers right away and package them in the way you’ll be most likely to dip into later. I don’t like to package things all together – I like each component in its own tupperware so things stay fresher.

Number 7: Don’t freak out about printed expiration dates. The dates printed on our food derive from MARKETING. Smell it, look for mold and google the product to see how long it should last.

Number 6: Clean out the fridge and store food properly so it lasts longer. TIPS HERE.

Number 5: Don’t peel your veggies! Try a scrubber instead.

Number 4: Freeze it for later – if plans change or something’s nearing expiration. Almost everything can be frozen and used later.

Number 3: Find Your Willpower! Many of us expect abundance and its easy to be stubborn. Wish you had Thai food instead of cooking tonight? Craving a bag of chips instead of the browning banana that’s on your counter? Get over it! Just eat what you have, get up and cook something. You can plan for take out tomorrow and buy fewer bananas next time. So much of eating what you’ve already purchased is just willpower. You can do it.

Number 2: Shop From A List. Make your grocery list at home so you can double check what you have on hand. Don’t impulse buy at the store.

Number 1: Meal Plan and Be Realistic. Take a bit a time each week to plan ahead, from there you make your grocery list. Plan for “take out nights” and “leftover” meals. Be realistic about what your family will do, this doesn’t have to be a punishment, its empowering!

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