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Welcome to Ends+Stems

Hi there! Thanks joining Ends+Stems and paying attention to your food waste. I’m Chef Alison: Founder, Recipe Writer, No Food Waste Strategist, and Resident Dishwasher. My goal is to help make your weeknight dinners less stressful, more fun, and greener, while saving you money! Ends+Stems is a simple solution that delivers on all fronts.

Below, you'll find a few features and details to help you get the most value for your efforts...

Ends + Stems Meal Plans

Meal Plans

New meal plans are posted on Fridays. We’ll send a weekly reminder email so you know when to check the dashboard. Each meal plan has 3 recipes. The plans are optimized to use up the perishables, so for the best results, try and cook all 3 recipes! Of course, that’s not always possible, so on your dashboard you can deselect one or even two of the recipes. In the same area, you can add a 4th recipe from your favorites folder or by searching our collection.

Grocery List

Grocery List

Once your meal plan is set, click “Generate Grocery List.” This will update the list to compile everything you’ll need for your meal plan. From your grocery list, you can also add individual items that your household needs this week! If you have a standing list, add your family's items from the bottom of the grocery list page. These items will recur weekly but can be deleted at any time.

To reduce waste, we recommend checking your household pantry against your list before you shop. Check off items by tapping the box and the ingredient will be crossed off. Once you’re done, share, print, or save the list to use in the store. If you save the page on your phone, you can check off ingredients live while shopping!

Dietary Preferences

Dietary Needs

We currently have an Omnivore and Vegetarian track. You made your selection when signing up but you can change from your profile any time. If your family has specific dietary needs like gluten free, dairy free, or specific allergens, you’ll see those notes front and center on each recipe. If you know these apply, be sure to check this section out before confirming your grocery list.

Prep Ahead

Prep Ahead

Professional chefs never start from scratch the night of service and neither should you! A few steps from each recipe will be highlighted on this list and should take less than an hour to complete them all but it will have a huge effect on your time to complete each recipe. Follow the prep list over the weekend or try taking a few extra steps tonight for tomorrow’s meal.

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We have an Ends+Stems Facebook Group, a Great Food Waste Challenge Facebook Group, a Facebook page and a dynamic Instagram feed.

Tell us how you cooked a recipe or post a question! I’ll personally respond and the community is helpful too!


Share & Refer

There’s a button on each recipe to share with your friends and they’ll be able to view them for free!

Tell them to use code STRAWBERRY if they like it and they’ll get their first month free!

Thanks for being here, it means the world to me! Together, we can enjoy dinnertime, save some money, and do our part to preserve the planet.

Here’s to a delicious dinner!
Chef Alison

Chef Alison and Family