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Stress-Less Family Meals: 7 Week Guided Course

Feeding a young family is hard.

If you are a busy parent or caregiver of young children who wants to stress-less at mealtime and help your kids learn to love new foods, welcome, this course is for you!

As a chef, I've fed hundreds of families like yours, and have helped kids with every pickiness imaginable. My own kids have challenged and taught me even more.

This online course and 1:1 support program will teach you to build healthy foundations and enjoy mealtimes again with less stress, communication, and easy planning techniques.

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Learn to cook one meal the entire family will eat, no matter how picky they are now.



Develop family mealtime goals; and define a roadmap to achieve them 


Gain the skills to execute meals with less stress, less waste, & fewer battles.


Think about this:

* How would you like to feel about meal times and eating with your kids this year? 
* What would you like to avoid?
* What's your next step? 

Sign up for the next session by April 1, 2022 save 20% AND get limited bonus materials

I am endlessly thankful I found you. Your methods are truly genius. I am actually cooking dinner...and we're enjoying it! 


The next session begins on April 22nd!
Sign up before April 1st and get 20% OFF plus amazing BONUSES, including a private virtual cooking class ($350 value), a FREE Culinary Aristas Kids Cooking Kit ($40), an invite to all of Alison's 2022 Live classes. 

Check out our happy families...


Thank you so much Chef Alison, you’re a brilliant teacher and I’ve learned so much & I'm ready to start planning! 



I am still LOVING this program. For so many reasons, your strategies work so much better for me than other things I've tried. You have a gift!



After using these methods for a few weeks, we still have some challenging nights, but now I know how to react so I'm less overwhelmed. The kids are opening up to new foods.



Meet Chef Alison

Alison Mountford has been cooking for families since 2005. She started a personal chef service which turned into a busy meal delivery & catering company in San Francisco - even once cooking for the Vice President! After 10 years, she sold the catering business but continued as a personal chef until 2020.

In 2018, Alison built Ends+Stems, a meal planning app to help reduce food waste. She teaches people to cook sustainably and how to make simple meal plans. Alison has worked with the EPA, Smithsonian, and reFED to educate about the climate effects of food waste.

Enter Covid. Alison taught virtual classes and workshop to individual families, mom's groups, corporations, and with sustainability non-profits. Her biggest fans and critics are her 3 and 6 year old kids who are learning to enjoy new foods and not derail family dinner.

This course is inspired by them and the countless parents who have reached out for help in the last few years, especially.

Chef Alison, Ends + Stems

The Stress-Less Family Meals Course & Coaching Program is For You If:

  • You worry your kid doesn't eat enough vegetables
  • You give in to a separate meal for kids almost nightly
  • You spend an absurd amount of time coaxing food into their faces
  • You'd like to stop saying things like "2 more bites and you can have a cookie" but noting else works
  • You loved cooking before kids; the joy is gone
  • You hated cooking before kids; now it's worse
  • Feel embarrassed feeding your kids around others
  • Getting a reasonable dinner on the table after work seems impossible
  • If you hear the question "What's for dinner?"
  • Meal times are a struggle
  • In your household, the food decisions are all on you. It's exhausting.
  • You truly want to set your family up for healthy eating habits, but it doesn't seem to be working

Frequently Asked Questions:

Life's too short for meal time stress.

The course begins on April 22, 2022

You could keep doing what you're doing...
Or, take action with us and be the success story.

20% Discount and Bonus Materials are good on all sign ups through April 1, 2022

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