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Ends+Stems Holiday Gift Guide

November 25, 2020
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Happy Holidays 2020!

I hope we all find ways to bring some joy and celebration into the strangest, most challenging year of most of our lifetimes. I love buying gifts anytime, but this year it feels like the best way to reach my isolated friends and family. I recently heard a sustainability expert say that eco-friendly and sustainability isn't a binary. There's no: Yes it's sustainable, or, No it is not. It's more accurately a comparison - is it more or less sustainable than something else. I like this way of thinking because eco-friendly is important but it's also valuable to support small businesses, smaller scale makers and creators, BIPOC founded businesses, and those that help create the world in which we want to live.

This list is compiled of businesses I love, products I actually use, small business owners I know and trust, and a few items that I've purchased for friends and loved ones! Hope you find it helpful and inspiring to shop small, local, and eco-friendly when possible.

Happy Holidays,

Chef Alison


Ladyfriend is ethically crafted, sustainable apparel and housewares for every day lady life. Feminism, Kindness and Equity are the foundation of Ladyfriend. Her soul is made of badass women draped in sustainable fabrics and renewable sass. Every item or fabric is ethically sourced from sustainable materials and hand made or hand dyed (or both) in San Francisco.

700 Rivers creates high-quality, all-natural soaps that are handcrafted by Bangladeshi artisans that have escaped human trafficking. We work with our artisans to train them to make 700 Rivers' soaps using 100% natural ingredients, employ them with fair, living wages, and provide a safe environment with dignified work.

Unapologetically Feminist Wines. Our NASTY WOMAN WINES Pantsuit Pinot Noir is made with biodynamically grown grapes. Order and have shipping in the US. Check out the club!

Found for You is a personal shopping experience centered on helping you fill your closet with clothes you LOVE that are eco-friendly and affordable too! Unlike most sustainable brands, secondhand offers options in every style, size, and budget. Building a wardrobe to elevate your style out of secondhand may seem daunting, but that’s my super power! This personal shopping experience puts my decades long track-record of finding enviable secondhand to work for you.  (For giving as a gift, message to arrange for payment and I’ll send them a digital gift certificate to share)

EXAU is an Italian olive oil company founded by wife and husband, Skyler Mapes and Giuseppe Morisani. The brand marries the modern culinary needs of Americans with 80+ years of Calabrian craftsmanship. The oil, bottles, packaging are all created/purchased in Calabria, south Italy within a 1 hour drive of where EXAU is based.

Get the woke kids in your life a XYZA Monthly Newspaper and News Site for Kids. Xyza covers news topics from politics, environment to technology, social issues and more in a relatable, thoughtful way!
BOOKS! From Mama Lets Read - I share recommendations of diverse kids books with positive BIPOC characters. Anti-racism starts at home and one small step we can all take is making sure our bookshelves reflect the racial diversity of our country. And ALL kids need a books - the perfect gift.

Meli Wraps are the most beautiful beeswax wraps from Hawaii. We offer High quality Beeswax Wraps and rolls to use in place of plastic wrap for food storage. We also offer organic cotton ouches with rose gold cutlery and organic face masks.

The award-winning Proclamation Duo launched in November 2019, offering an unmatched two pan cookware anti-set that’s designed with the versatility to cook the world of cuisines, durability to handle any tools and cooking methods, and functionality to cut down on clutter. The Proclamation Duo’s Pot and Skillet stand alone or hinge together to create a Dutch oven while cooking and then nest in a streamlined stack with the matching lid when dinner’s done, allowing home cooks to embrace minimalism and Cook More, With Less.

From Artist Lauren Rust: 2021 Calendar featuring continuous line art of strong women. This gorgeous calendar can have a second life! Each month's artwork is perforated so that you can easily remove each 8"x10" print when the month is over to hang, frame or gift to someone else!

Fly Little Dragon - the simplest stop for fun educational toys for both kids and parents. Recommended by age and child personality type. Santa was definitely here....

Monkei Miles - Curated 2nd Hand Clothes for Kids. This adorable shop is in San Francisco, but Monica will package a box up for your kiddos. Think Stitch Fix for kids but way better. My kids are constantly decked out in Monkei Miles. Follow and message on instagram to order or buy a gift certificate!

Laura Dalla'Gata Art - shop her beautiful prints on etsy or order the It's Bedtime Reversible Book. It's a favorite in my house!

Niamh Co Jewelry - You've seen my ears adorned with these handmade one of a kind pieces if you've seen my youtube videos. I love everything Niamh makes. Very affordable and an easy gift to give.

Essie Spice - Just look at this packaging. What a perfect, tasty, gorgeous gift! Having just bought a box, I can personally attest to hose delicious Essie's flavor combinations are.

Kind Socks - Socks ALWAYS make an appearance on holiday gift giving lists but these are really cute and sustainably made and shipped! Socks are having a moment in 2020 and beyond. Highly recommend these.

Maggie Mittendorf Beauty Consultant - If it's beauty you crave, shop with Maggie! We deliver dermatology inspired skincare straight to your door! From lash growth serums to anti age regimen all with clinical results and backed by a 60 day guarantee.

WishBone SF is the quintessential local gift shop where you can get something for everyone on your list. If you're in SF, go shop in person because it's so much fun but they also ship anywhere and offer free deliver within the city. Spend your money here and help keep these corner shops in business.




Alison Mountford is the Founder and CEO of Ends+Stems, a meal planning service designed to reduce household food waste and stop the effects of climate change. Alison has been named a Rubicon Waste Fit Champion, was a finalist for the Spoon Tech Startup Showcase, and has appeared on many podcasts and radio shows, and works as a food waste consultant.