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6 sheet pan dinners that’ll save you time and dishes

February 7, 2022
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Sheet Pan Recipes should have been on your resolution list!

Why we love it: Sheet pan recipes are the greatest thing since sliced bread! A medley of flavors with minimal dishes. If you are looking to save time on dinner, and to lighten you dish load, here are 6 sheet pan recipes that you need to try!

Sheet Pan Veggies with Olive Dressing + Farro

Recently I’m obsessed with the green pitted olives from a can. The brand is Lindsay Naturals, “ripe pitted green olives.” The taste is reminiscent of the brighter green Castelvetrano but they’re easier to find already pitted, and much less expensive. This is what I used for recipe testing but any pitted olive will do here (even kalamata or black olives will work!)

How about this…Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin + Vegetable Medley with Creamy Honey Mustard

Honey mustard can have a childish connotation but don’t sleep on this sauce! It’s so delicious, comes together in seconds, and pairs perfectly with both the pork tenderloin and the veggies on the side. This recipe is a great example of Sheet pan versatility, typically sheet pan recipe only contains mixed vegetables but this recipe can be used for salads later in the week or on a turkey sandwich for lunch too.

Or this Lemon Sheet Pan Chicken with Feta Sauce

I find myself constantly returning to sheet pan dinners! This recipe calls for the chicken to have the backbone removed (spatchcocked). If you have a butcher they’ll do this for you; or if you’re up for it, search instructions on YouTube. Or, if you have time, just roast a whole chicken, same process, just takes a little longer. If none of those are good options, just buy chicken parts – leg, thighs, and skin-on breasts.


This Pork Teriyaki Sheet Pan Meatballs is a must!

Meatballs may require rolling, but baking them all at once on a sheet pan keeps this an easy weeknight meal. The rich, sticky teriyaki sauce is simple to make from scratch and will surely become a family favorite.

A spin on a classic Sheet Pan Pizza with Brussels + Salami

Sheet pan pizza takes a little longer than receiving delivery would at my house but the pay off is so much better! Good quality pizza dough is readily available at most grocery stores and it freezes well, so if you have one on hand you can make this with whatever is in your fridge. Do try to defrost the dough if frozen for at least 24 hours though – you can’t rush that part. I serve it with nothing else. Why bother? Of course a salad or some carrot sticks round out the meal if needed.

Try this Sheet Pan Chicken Parm with Rotelli + Broccoli

American-Italian staple, breaded chicken parm is a comfort food that tops our list – but pan frying in lots of oil is messy, time consuming, and sometimes too heavy. Our crispy sheet pan method ticks all of the boxes. Be sure to favorite this one, we’re sure you’ll be coming back for more!




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