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Summer is playful, requires a change in routine & cooking, especially when you have school aged kids at home. Let's maximize the season with less stress!

Chef Alison covers all of the info in the free webinar video. Be sure to watch to details about each cooking tip and more!

We'll cover:

  • Ten Summer Cooking Tips
  • Alison's Top 9 Summer Recipes
  • Formula: Make a Perfect Dinner Board
  • How To Pack Picnic/Camp/Summer School Lunches
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"It is so fascinating to hear from a REAL CHEF and a REAL MOM too - such a cool combo that is part of what makes Alison's strategies so unique!"

- Jeff M.

"Alison's strategies are working, it's changed everything for us and for the first time ever, it's easy to stick with it!"

-Sophia A.

"I love Alison's content. She is entertaining and I've felt more brave to serve things that aren't my norm because I'm planning and deciding earlier!"

-Anna F.