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*Hope to see you live! This is going to be such fun* I will send out the replay and give space for any Q/A *

Summer is playful, requires a change in routine & cooking, especially when you have school aged kids at home. Let's maximize the season with less stress!

The FREE live webinar with Chef Alison is 6/16 at 12noon EST.
Register here & check your email for details

We'll cover:

  • Ten Summer Cooking Tips
  • Alison's Top 9 Summer Recipes
  • Formula: Make a Perfect Dinner Board
  • How To Pack Picnic/Camp/Summer School Lunches
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"It is so fascinating to hear from a REAL CHEF and a REAL MOM too - such a cool combo that is part of what makes Alison's strategies so unique!"

- Jeff M.

"Alison's strategies are working, it's changed everything for us and for the first time ever, it's easy to stick with it!"

-Sophia A.

"I love Alison's content. She is entertaining and I've felt more brave to serve things that aren't my norm because I'm planning and deciding earlier!"

-Anna F.