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StopFoodWaste.Org Guest Post

January 28, 2021
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Last week I announced a new partnership of sorts with They’re an amazing organization serving Alameda County in CA (think Berkeley, Oakland and beyond!) with resources on reducing food waste in our homes.

“When does your Tuesday night dinner time stress begin to creep in – 5pm? 9am? On Sunday? I’ve heard all of the above in my nearly 20 years as a professional chef focussed on helping busy families eat dinner at home. The problem with dinner is that it’s relentless, it just keeps coming up again and again and again….”

Read the rest of the article and my 6 Hacks for De-Stressing Dinner And Reducing Food Waste!


Alison Mountford is the Founder and CEO of Ends+Stems, a meal planning service designed to reduce household food waste and stop the effects of climate change. Alison has been named a Rubicon Waste Fit Champion, was a finalist for the Spoon Tech Startup Showcase, and has appeared on many podcasts and radio shows, and works as a food waste consultant.

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