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Save your time and save the vegetables!

March 4, 2022
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Why we love it:Do you ever forget about that broccoli that is sitting in the back of the fridge? No worries! Here are some creative ways that you can save vegetables that are in their last moments in the fridge, before they meet the trash.

Try this quick Thai Noodle Salad

This craveable, satisfying, simple homemade version of a chain restaurant staple will thrill your whole family. Guaranteed. Warning – make double dressing because you’ll want to put it on everything else all week too. This recipe is great to use any red peppers, garlic, or fresh herbs that you may have forgotten about

Maybe this Mushroom Soup with Brown Rice

This soup is so simple. Though it takes a bit to fully cook, it’s good for vegetables that are on their last week. When vegetables begin to get soft it’s best to cook them and savor the flavor they still have. The hands-on time is very short so I think it’s worth it, especially when it save from potential food waste. Make a double batch and freeze some and check the substitutions list for some great variations.


Next try this Italian Stuffed Peppers with Rice

Be sure to check out the substitutions list for lots of ideas on how to customize this recipe and make it your own. You can buy frozen cooked “ready rice” for this or use quinoa or couscous which cook more quickly. Swap pepper color or other ingredients to clean your fridge out or match your tastes.

How about this Glazed Mixed Veggie Lettuce Wraps

The combination of earthy, roasted vegetables with sticky, rich sauce, rolled up in watery, crisp lettuce truly is perfection. You can use this formula to swap out for any veggies you have in your fridge.

Last but not least… a Use It Up Fried Rice Recipe

This recipe is not only quick and tasty but is super great at using up any vegetables that are in the fridge. One great thing about friend rice is that its flavor pallet is very customizable, not to mention this recipe is great for leftovers. Try this recipe, and if you really wanna spice things up you could add a fried egg and sriracha on top!





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