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Alison Mountford, Founder of Ends + StemsHi! I’m Chef Alison: Founder, Recipe Writer, No Food Waste Strategist, and Resident Dishwasher.

My goal is to help make your weeknight dinners less stressful and more fun while having less wasted food. You’ve joined our newest version which is specifically designed with parents and families in mind. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old and even though I am a professional chef, they are not foodies. We have the same food power struggles at our table.

These meal plans will walk you through cooking ONE dinner for everyone but adapting it slightly for choosy eaters, bigger kids, and toddler. 

These meal plans will walk you through cooking ONE dinner for everyone but adapting it slightly for choosy eaters, bigger kids, and toddler.


Ends + Stems Meal Plans


New meal plans are emailed on Fridays. Make sure you add to your address book so you don’t miss the email! Each meal plan email will have the PDF packet attached.

The packet contains:

  • 3 recipes
  • A complete grocery list
  • Prep ahead notes
  • Kid meal instructions with photos

The plans are optimized to use up the perishables, so for the best results, try and cook all 3 recipes! Of course, that’s not always possible, so the recipes stand on their own too.

Grocery List


To reduce waste, we recommend checking your household pantry against your list before you shop.

Dietary Preferences


We currently have an Omnivore and Vegetarian plan; you’ll receive both and can even mix and match! If your family has more specific dietary needs like gluten free, dairy free, or allergies, you’ll see those notes in the “substitutions” column on each recipe.

Prep Ahead


Professional chefs never start from scratch the night of service and neither should you! A few steps from each recipe will be highlighted on this list and should take less than an hour to complete them all but it will have a huge effect on your time to complete each recipe. Follow the prep list over the weekend or try taking a few extra steps tonight for tomorrow’s meal.

ends + stems


The family meal plans are new to our line up and we’re in the process of updating our web-app to include these instructions on all of our past meal plans. (At that time the membership price will increase for new sign ups but you’ll be locked in! Way to be an early adopter!)

You do have access to our FULL archive and search features containing over 1000 recipes. If you’re looking for an additional meal or want to search by ingredient, you can log in to your dashboard and visit. The difference is that these recipes will not contain the kid specific notes at this time.



We have an Ends+Stems Facebook Group for members where you can post questions or ideas! And be sure to follow on Instagram  too. We love to see what you’ve cooked so tag us @endsanstems when you share.

Tell a Friend! 

Friends don’t let friends get stuck in a dinnertime rut! If you’re loving our meal plans, forward to a friend and tell them to use code STRAWBERRY to get 20% their first month.

Thanks for being here! Together, we can enjoy dinnertime, save some money, and do our part to preserve the planet. Please feel free to reach out with questions via email on DM me on instagram anytime.

Here’s to a delicious dinner...that everyone eats,

Chef Alison

Chef Alison and Family