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Split Pea Soup with Potatoes

Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
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Why we love it:

Chef Alison here, I want to talk about Split Pea Soup personally. For some reason, I would not order it in most restaurants and I certainly don’t want you thinking of a canned version when you read this recipe name. This is one of a few dishes that I absolutely adore - but only when I make it. So, if you’re one who thinks you don’t like it, try this and see how much better it tastes at home!


  • 1 Yellow Onion
  • 2 cloves Garlic (minced)
  • 2 cups Carrot (about 2 carrots, using more or less is ok!)
  • 1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 112 teaspoons Kosher Salt
  • 12 teaspoon Black Pepper (freshly ground)
  • 4 ounces Ham (or bacon - optional, keep it vegetarian by omitting this)
  • 8 cups Stock (chicken, vegetable, or just use water)
  • 1 pound Green Split Peas (dried)
  • 12 pound Red Skinned Potatoes (russet, yukon, or whatever you have!)
  • 14 teaspoon Dried Oregano
  • 12 Lemon (juiced)

Cooking Instructions


    Dice the onion, mince the garlic, and dice the carrot.

    Place a large, heavy bottomed stockpot over medium heat and add the oil. Add the onions, garlic, carrots, salt, and pepper (if using ham, add it in now). Sauté for about 5 minutes, then add the stock (or water) and the split peas. Turn it up to high to bring it quickly to a boil.


    Wash the potatoes and cut into a very small dice, aim for cubes that are about ⅓” at the largest.

    When the stock is boiling, add the potatoes and return to a boil. Then, stir well and turn down to a medium and a steady simmer. Add the oregano.

  • 3. JUST COOK

    Every so often, return and stir. Cook until the potatoes and split peas are tender and the soup has thickened up - it will take about 30 - 35 minutes.

  • 4. SEASON

    Finish up with the juice of ½ a lemon and another pinch of salt as needed.

  • 5. SERVING

    Serve in large bowls.

    This soup freezes very well and will last a week in the fridge. After it cools, it will thicken up, so if desired, add more water or stock while reheating.

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  • PALEO:
    you can make this with mung beans which some consider paleo. Or, use the base and add chopped cauliflower then puree for a delicious cauliflower soup!
  • HAM:
    obviously, just leave this out for vegetarian
    yellow split peas are nice, green lentils will work too but it'll cook a little faster
    use red lentils and this will be done in 20 minutes

Kid Friendly Version

How to Tweak This Recipe for Kids:

  • I’ll be honest - my kids won’t eat this but I love it. I take some of the potatoes and carrots and sauté those on the side, then add a cup of the broth. They’ll eat a clear soup. I’ll serve sauteed ham or bacon (if making this with meat) and give them a roll or slice of toast on the side. Depending on the day, I might also offer an egg or leftovers - or boil a handful of noodles in the broth

Prep Ahead & Use It Up

I like to chop up the mirepoix and just cook the soup quickly the night I plan to eat it. But, soup does reheat very well and you can make this ahead. It will thicken up a lot! So be prepared to add water or more stock when reheating.

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