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June Roundup – Father’s Day Favorites

June 1, 2022
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Why we love it: Father’s Day is coming up and let’s be honest… there’s no better way to make a man happy than with food. Here are 8 of our favorite recipes to treat your dads this month!

First are these Freakin’ Good Tacos

Every time it’s taco time, I wonder why I ever ate anything that wasn’t a taco. I suppose we need variety, but only if we keep coming back to tacos. This would be a great plan for a Father’s Day party menu, and let your guests assemble their own!

A Quick and Easy BBQ Pork Wrap 

This recipe is so quick and easy and if you have ever made our Southwest Salad, you will see that the ingredients are almost the same. A great way to reuse ingredients!

How about this Potato Salad with Flank Steak

We’re keeping the steak simple here and focusing on making a great potato salad, so for cooking your steak, fire up the outdoor BBQ or use an indoor grill pan or cast iron pan. Perfect for your Father’s Day plans!

Or this tasty Asiago Chicken with Mushrooms

My step-mom brought this recipe to life and has been making it for years. Its classic flour dredged chicken with a creamy cheese sauce, and you will be lining up for seconds. She made this for me when my first child was only a few days old and it’s one of my favorite meals of my life. Make this for someone you love (dad)!

Ropa Vieja + Rice To die for! 

Ropa Vieja translates literally to “old clothes” and if that doesn’t sound appetizing, stick with us. The long cooked beef shreds apart into flavorful juicy strips. This is definitely a recipe to double (or triple!) and store in batches in the freezer. It’s incredible for a party spread and is a hit with kids and adults alike.

Try this Classic Pot Roast

In the pressure cooker, this dish is hands off and ready to do its thing in no time. If you don’t use an Instant Pot and cook this in the oven, it’s still quite easy but it will braise for more than 2 hours. It makes for an incredible cozy weekend meal. This was the meal I requested on my birthday every year growing up; I hope you enjoy it!

This one is a MUST Southwest Smash Patty Salad

Fast, low brow, colorful, satisfying. Keep this in your back pocket and riff on it a million ways when nothing else sounds good or everything takes too long.

Last but not least! Steak + Frites

I live in San Francisco and we have not been able to dine in a restaurant for almost a year here. We were allowed to eat outside, but I also have two young kids who can’t sit still and no childcare in our pod, so we didn’t do that either. The one thing I’m REALLY missing, from restaurants? French Fries. I don’t have an air fryer yet, and I dislike deep frying at home, so I worked on these in the oven and you know what? They’re really good! My daughter said “REAL FRIES!”


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