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Cooking Classes


Ends+Stems Virtual Cooking Classes!

All meal plan members are invited to join the monthly class, no additional cost!

You'll get a Monthly Zoom Cooking class AND the weekly meal planning service for $12.50!

Cooking Classes + Web App

Upcoming Classes

Jan 14: Stock and Soups 101, 3pm PST

Feb 7: All Ages Cooking with Kids Class

March 8: National Nutrition Month, Healthy Classics

Be sure to check your spam for Ends+Stems emails, that's where the zoom link and ingredients list will be shared.

"Alison was great!!! In my attempt to cook 3 dishes, I thought I would be stressing myself out (haha) but it was so fun and I learned so much. Loved doing something else with my hands (vs. typing!). Thanks so much Alison :)"

"This was a fantastic course! I didn't cook along during the presentation, but I enjoyed watching and a few hours later after my calls wrapped up I was cooking. Despite being a very low skilled chef I was able to make these recipes for my anniversary dinner that night and they were delicious!!"

"This was such an amazing experience! Everything tasted amazing and Alison was authentic and fun!"


Meal Planning + Cooking Classes


In addition to cooking classes, membership includes our Meal Planning Web-App. Each week, we plan 3 new meals for you, that fit together like a puzzle. You'll buy less and effortlessly use everything up. Not sure if Ends + Stems is right for you? Try it out for 30 days for free!
(If you don't love it, cancel simply with 2 clicks.)

Corporate Packages for Cooking Classes

Is your company hosting for team building events for employees?
Our cooking classes are a great one time or ongoing company perk!