Meal Plans To Reduce
Household Food Waste

40% of all food produced in the US is wasted but,
your biggest stress is deciding what to cook tonight.

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Reduce In Home Food Waste Across America

Part 1:
Reduce In Home Food Waste

Why should you care? You’re busy and tired, fresh food is readily available, and slimy cucumbers are gross.


​An average family of 4 throws $1500 of perfectly good food in the trash yearly. (DanaGunders). 25% of food brought home ends up in the trash. (Another way buy 4 bags worth of groceries, you essentially just leave one in the parking lot.)


How much less time could you spend in the grocery store, putting food away once home, and taking the trash out – if you brought home 25% less? I estimate almost 24 hours – AN ENTIRE DAY! (email me for the math)


Throwing away just half of a hamburger is equivalent to running the shower for 1 hour, in terms of the resources it took to produce that burger. (NPR) Still don’t care? Without water, there’s no beer. Don’t be that guy.

First, The Bad News

Though much food is wasted on farm and manufacturing levels, homes and consumer facing businesses (you, me, us!) are responsible for 80% of the total waste. The waste from individual homes is the single biggest contributor to our landfills. ​(ReFED)

Now, The Good News!

We’re the problem!
That means, no waiting for government action or policy change. We don’t need to reform farms or manufacturing laws (yet). We can start right now with baby steps that will equal something bigger.

Its easier than a new diet (because you have to eat all the food!); its easier than a new budget (because you’ll spend less); and its much easier than deciding to help colonize Mars because the earth has become a smelly garbage pile. Just watch John Oliver tell it.

Part 2:
Kitchen Confidence + Meal Plans

Friends and family ask me often for tips on menu planning, shopping, food storage, and recipes. They look at me funny when I freeze chicken bones to make stock next weekend or pull chipotle-carrot sauce from the freezer and whip up 15 minute “pantry” enchiladas.

I’m hearing that your main struggle is finding time and deciding WHAT TO COOK!

Night after night, you have to make the decision, find the recipe, make sure you have those ingredients, then cook, serve and clean. Its exhausting. ​Sign up for my easy weeknight meal plans and let me do that work for you They’re designed to work together to simplify your weeks. Grocery lists are provided to make shopping a snap. I hope the Kitchen Skills and Organization tips will help professionalize and streamline your home cooking experience.

Ends+Stems is here to inspire and empower busy home cooks to run their kitchens like professionals. I’ve been a chef for 15 years and through this project, I’ll share everything I know about getting a home cooked meal on the dinner table after a long day AND in doing so, we’ll use up all of the ends and stems in your produce drawer. Reducing household food waste saves money and will a have a positive impact on our environment. E+S is on a mission for effortless social change and climate justice to reduce food waste!

I’ll show you how.

Show us your skills!

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