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Steak Salad with Shallot Dressing

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
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Why we love it:

Simple ingredients come together to make a fresh and vibrant dinner salad. Lots of ways to riff on this one!


  • 1 pound Flank Steak (or skirt steak, often it’s closer to 1.25 pounds but that should be ok)
  • 112 Tablespoons Kosher Salt (divided)
  • 12 Tablespoon Black Pepper (freshly ground)
  • 1 Shallot
  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
  • 1 Tablespoon Red Wine Vinegar
  • 14 teaspoon White Sugar
  • 6 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil (divided)
  • 1 head Butter Lettuce (or little gem romaine, regular romaine, baby spinach)
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 pint Cherry Tomatoes

Cooking Instructions

  • 1. STEAK

    Place your steak on a clean work surface and pat dry with paper towels. If there’s any excess fat, you can pluck that off or use a knife to remove it. Season with salt and pepper on both sides.

  • 2. SEAR

    Heat a dry cast-iron skillet or grill pan over medium-high. Drizzle about 1 Tablespoon oil in the pan and when hot, add the steak. Cook until nicely browned, about 4 minutes per side for medium-rare inside. Transfer to a cutting board; let rest 5 - 10 minutes.


    Finely mince the shallot as small as you can. Place in a small jar with a lid. Add the mustard, vinegar, sugar, and ½ teaspoon of salt. Cover with the lid and shake very well for 20 seconds to dissolve the salt and sugar. Open the lid and add 5 Tablespoon oil and 1 Tablespoon water. Return the lid and shake again until the dressing is emulsified. Set aside.

  • 4. SALAD

    Meanwhile, wash your greens and tear them into small pieces if needed. Dry well and place in a large bowl. Add the cucumber, sliced thinly, and the tomatoes - either whole or cut in ½. Toss with about ⅓ of the total dressing, or a little more to taste.

  • 5. SERVING

    Thinly slice steak crosswise against the grain. Either toss in the bowl for a family style presentation or divide salad on plates and neatly top with steak. Serve more dressing on the side to taste.

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  • STEAK:
    serve this with grilled chicken breast. It’s nice to rub the chicken with a little Dijon, splash of Worcestershire sauce or lemon juice to give it some flavor. Seared salmon or a tuna steak, would also be delicious
    omit, swap, or add veggies of choice. Try carrots, broccoli, radishes, corn, green beans, etc.
    perhaps add a side of garlic bread or buttered noodles if they don’t do well with dressing on lettuce. Serve the steak in smaller pieces on the side
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