Meal Plan For The Week of December 4

Nov 30, 2017 | Weekly Meal Plans

Friday again? Yippee! Let me check one weekend task off your list – I’ve compiled a short and sweet grocery list that corresponds to FOUR dinners this week. They’re quick, tasty and simple to pull off. First up is a classic New England style broiled buttery white fish. I love cooking fish this way since you don’t have to sear it and have fishy pan splatter. My modernized, 2 step chicken parm is next, sure to win over any dining companion. The Waste Not Recipe this week is an Italian style garbanzo bean pancake. If it sounds too ambitious, try not to worry. This is so quick and easy and has become one of my favorite emergency meals recently. I’ve even served it at dinner parties! I hope you join in and don’t forget to share your progress with #endsandstems. I love seeing the photos people have sent in so far!

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